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Planting Services, Denver, NC

Let us transform your Denver landscaping with our professional planting services.

Planting Services in Denver, North Carolina
Have you ever seen a beautiful plant, flower, or tree at the nursery and brought it home, only to have it die because you didn’t get a chance to plant it or somehow didn’t do it successfully? Our extensive yard care services at Bone’s Yard Care Solutions include everything you need to have a beautiful property, including planting services.

We understand that an impulse purchase can leave you wondering how to proceed. Getting a truckload of flowers for your Denver, North Carolina home can seem like a great idea until you get started with planting and realize just how hard it can be to get the results you had hoped. Give your new flowers and other plants the chance for survival they deserve with our professional planting services.

We have a good understanding about the needs of most landscaping plants and can advise you on placement for optimal health. We can provide input on any additional irrigation you may need and take care of that along with our planting services. New plants need nutrients, water, and the right amount of sunshine to grow healthy and beautiful. Let us help you give them that, so they can thrive.

Planting services are just one way in which we can help you get a beautiful property without you lifting a finger. We also do mowing, trimming, edging, fertilization, leaf cleanup, mulching, reseeding, pruning, and more. Call us today for a free estimate for any of our services, and you’ll find out how affordable it can be to get the property you envision.