Lawn Repair, Denver, NC

Our professional lawn repair services will fill in any bare patches in your lawn and leave it looking lush and green.

If your lawn has bare, thin, or weedy patches that stand out from the rest of your grass, it may be time for professional lawn repair. If you’ve never heard the term, lawn repair refers to filling in these bare spots with new grass. While you may be able to figure out the underlying cause and fill in the bare spots on your own using guesswork, you’ll get faster, better results from a professional lawn service company. At Bone’s Yard Care Solutions, we offer lawn repair services to keep your lawn looking uniformly lush and green.

Lawn Repair in Denver, North Carolina

When we come to repair your lawn, our experienced team members will first examine the bare patches to determine what caused the grass in those spots to die. There are a number of possible culprits, including a fertilizer spill, destructive insects, chronic disease, or competition for light and resources from neighboring plants. Once we’ve identified the cause of the issue, the next step in lawn repair is to resolve that issue to ensure that it won’t continue to affect your lawn. When the underlying cause has been both identified and addressed, our team will seed the bare patches with new grass to fill in the gaps and restore your lawn to its former glory.

We at Bone’s Yard Care Solutions are proud to serve the Denver, North Carolina community, and we know both the best varieties of grass to use for this area and the care they need to thrive. If your lawn has developed bare or scraggly patches, give us a call today to book our professional lawn repair services.