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Pine Needles, Denver, NC

Allow our team to take care of the pine needles on your property.

Pine trees are beautiful and majestic additions to any property. These trees, also known as evergreen trees, stay green throughout the changing seasons, unlike deciduous trees, which drop their leaves when the weather gets cold. Having a mix of both types of trees can maintain the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping, even as the seasons change. However, pine trees do drop some needles, which can create a big mess in the yard. As needles age, they become less efficient at supplying the tree with the necessary nutrients. Needles that are shaded by new growth may also start to turn brown and fall off the tree.

Pine Needles in Denver, North Carolina

When pine needles spread across your property, they can be difficult to remove on your own. They often blanket the lawn and garden areas, but their presence can be problematic. Pine needles are difficult to rake and won’t get sucked up in a lawnmower during your weekly mowing service. When they cover the grass, pine needles can block the sun’s rays, which can kill the grass. A layer of pine needles on your garden plants can also threaten the health of the greenery.

Instead of trying to deal with this challenge on your own, allow our team at Bone’s Yard Care Solutions to take care of the pine needles on your property. We specialize in yard and lawn care solutions for clients located in Denver, North Carolina. Our father-and-son team will arrive at your property with the tools and equipment needed to clean up all of your trees’ fallen pine needles and refresh the appearance and health of your property.