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For many of us, we look at small spaces and wonder how we are going to fit the landscape design we want into a restricted space. For others of us, we look at a large expanse of yard that we have always wanted and realize that we don’t have any clue what to do with all this blank canvas! Landscape design for large and small yards has unique challenges, and working with a professional can help ensure that your large yard has a landscape design that is both useful and enjoyable.

landscape design that is both useful and enjoyable

One of the first things you can do to maximize your landscape design is determine just how much grass you are actually willing to mow on any given weekend. While you might dream of an expansive lawn to play baseball with your children or toss a ball for your dog, you might not enjoy the hours of time it takes to mow and water said lawn. Instead, look at other yard options like smaller play areas, areas with mulch or even artificial turf areas.

Another thing to do for your large yard is to create separate areas instead of one expansive space. By breaking up sections of your yard to have their own purpose, your yard will feel more purposeful. For example, you could have a large patio for dining, a fire pit, a garden area, shade trees and a grassy area.

Finally, don’t forget to enlist the help of landscape design professionals like ours at Bone’s Yard Care Solutions. We can make sure your large yard will end up giving you a landscape design that feels both expansive and intimate. To learn more about tips for large yard landscape design, give us a call!