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help you with all of your irrigation repair needsMany of us depend a great deal upon water from other sources than rainwater. While some parts of the country don’t need alternative watering methods to keep their lawns green and lush, there are other parts where the rainfall is minimal and the need for irrigation is serious. If you have access to irrigation water in order to keep your landscaping looking healthy, you might want to watch out for some of these red flags this summer that will warn you of irrigation repairs up ahead:

  • Flooding– If you look out onto your lawn and see that it is consistently greener or soaked in one area of the landscaping, then you might have a blockage in another area of the line that is forcing more water into one area.
  • Dry Patches– Like flooding, dry patches are usually the counter-result of an irrigation source in need of irrigation repair. Dry patches of grass are problematic for many, but instead of turning to the hose, try turning to someone who can help you with your irrigation repairs for more consistent and even watering.
  • Malfunctioning Sprinklers– Do all of your sprinklers pop up? Are you getting enough water to complete coverage of your watering area? If you watch your sprinklers as they cycle through intervals, you can better determine which sprinklers are malfunctioning and in need of irrigation repairs.

Here at Bone’s Yard Care Solutions, we want to help you with all of your irrigation repair needs! If you have a red flag like those we have mentioned or something is off about your irrigation system, please contact us today and let us take care of your irrigation repairs.