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Most people understand the convenience of an irrigation system for their landscaping, but may be hesitant to take on the expense involved. The problem with that is you’ll likely never achieve the landscaping results you envision if you don’t invest in irrigation. Here are a few of the benefits of a quality irrigation system that far outweigh both the initial investment and any maintenance it might need in the future.

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  • Save Time- Your time has a value, even when it isn’t spent earning a paycheck. Every minute you spend hand watering with a hose or moving around portable sprinklers is time you could have been doing something you enjoy.
  • Save Water- A well-designed irrigation system keeps your landscaping healthy with the ideal amount of water, which is almost always far less than what you’ll give it with hand watering methods. When you consider the lower water bill (or power bill to operate a well pump), you’ll see that the investment into irrigation more than pays for itself over time.
  • Prevent Diseases- There are a variety of diseases caused by overwatering that can be avoided with the precise watering done with an irrigation system.
  • Preserve Soil Nutrients- Heavy watering with a hose results in pushing more of the soil nutrients far too deep into the soil where they cannot be utilized by your plants. The nutrients are leached out and the soil gets compacted, neither of which produce a healthy landscaping.

Here at Bone’s Yard Care Solutions, we offer quality irrigation solutions in the Denver, North Carolina area. Whether you are looking to add lawn irrigation or need irrigation repair, call on us for prompt and affordable services.