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When it comes to sprinkler repair, there are some situations in which it is fine to tackle it on your own. Of course, once you come upon one of the potential frustrating challenges, it is time to call a professional. Here are a few of the things to consider when you are tempted to resolve sprinkler repair on your own.

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1.   Do you know the maker of your sprinkler system? Replacing a damaged sprinkler head yourself isn’t that difficult. Just shut off the water, remove the broken head, take it to a retailer to match, and then screw the new one in place. However, if a replacement isn’t available and you don’t know where to find one, calling a professional would be the solution.

2.   Do you have the experience and tools to handle a broken pipe? It isn’t just the sprinkler heads that can get damaged. Digging in the wrong place or driving over an area where there is a sprinkler system pipe can damage a pipe so that water cannot reach the sprinkler head. Part of the challenge is to know how to replace the pipe, but it can also be challenging to find where the leak is. You’ll also need to take care not to get dirt into the pipeline as it will flow through and create a blockage.

3.   Is the problem something besides sprinkler repair? The sprinkler itself is generally a simple fix, in most cases, but it can take experience to diagnose what could be a more complex problem. Not getting water out of the sprinkler can indicate a leaking valve or even a wiring issue. When you feel like you are over your head, call for help.

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